Brought to the public’s attention nearly a 6 years ago, Cleaner Air signage can be seen in California for specially desginated clean air areas much to the relief and delight of MCS sufferers.

In 2004, a bill was adopted that allowed privately owned and run facitilies and areas to deem their buildings/rental space as meeting all of the Cleaner Air standards as outlined by the bill. If you’re worried about the world around you because of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) then this signage comes as a blessing.

What does it mean to meet the Cleaner Air standards? Well, a building/rental space must adhere to the following conditions (as taken from the Cleaner Air Fact Sheet):  

• The floor or wall covering, floor or wall covering adhesives, carpets, or formaldehyde-emitting particleboard cabinetry, cupboards, or doors have not been replaced or installed within the previous 12-months;
• Incandescent lighting is provided in lieu of fluorescent or halogen lighting, and the electrical systems and equipment are operable by or on behalf of the occupant or user of the room, facility, or path of travel;
• The heating, ventilating, air conditioning and their controls are operable by user;
• A sign is also posted requesting occupants or users not to smoke or wear perfumes, colognes, or scented personal care products.
• A record of Cleaner Air maintenance is available on site and accessible to the public either in person or by telephone, e-mail, facsimile, or another accessible means.

And in order to maintain your Cleaner Air profile you must (again, from the Cleaner Air Fact Sheet):

• Only non-irritating, non-toxic products shall be used to clean, maintain, disinfect, provide pest management, or for any
minimal paint touch-ups. These are essential for occupying the area.
• No deodorizers or Fragrance Emission Devices and Systems (FEDS) or fragranced products shall be used in the designated
Cleaner Air room, facility, or within the public path of travel.
• Pest control practices for Cleaner Air areas shall include the use of bait stations using boric acid, sticky traps, and silicon
caulk for sealing cracks and crevices. Areas shall be routinely monitored for pest problems.
• Additional non-toxic treatment methods, such as temperature extremes for termites, may be employed in the event of
more urgent problems.
• The pest control practices shall not be used 48-hours prior to placement of the Cleaner Air sign and the facility shall be
ventilated with outside air for a minimum of 24-hours following use or application.
• Additional sign(s) shall be posted requesting occupants or users not to smoke or wear perfumes, colognes, or scented
personal care products.

It’s a shame that more companies aren’t picking up on this trend and keeping their businesses free of ambient air pollutants. The world can be a scary and harmful place for those with MCS, and even something as simple as switching to non-irritating, organic cleaners could mean the difference between a returning MCS customer and a very unhappy one.