This may not come as a shock to some, but studies now show a direct connection between air pollution and heart disease. For years this has been discussed, debated and dissected. However, according to the American Heart Association, there is now enough evidence to conclude that air pollution increases instances of heart attacks and other heart disease.

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Obviously, those at a greater risk are the elderly and those with underlying cardiovascular problems, however, studies found that those who lived within 100 yards of a major highway were 50% more likely to develop heart disease. That’s a shocking statistic and one we shouldn’t ignore.

How can you protect yourself from the harmful ambient air pollutants present in major cities today? For starters, a proper air filtration and purification system is key. Investing in a unit (like ones from Electrocorp and AllerAir) that has activated carbon and medical-grade HEPA filtration with a deep bed of carbon will help rid your home of harmful toxins in the air.

While we escape the terrible pollutants from outside by heading indoors, our indoor air is often more harmful than what’s outside. How is that possible? Well, newer homes are made so that very little air escapes from inside our homes. While this might be good for heating in the winter, it’s very bad for indoor air quality as ambient air in your home may be loaded with particles and even VOCs. Furniture giving off formaldehyde, off-gasing shower curtains, toxic dust from your PC, chemicals from your household cleaners: these are all airborne toxins you’re trapping inside your home with poor ventilation.

It might seem repetitive and even annoying but we’ll say it again: air filtration and purification is key. We spend so much time purifying our bodies, eating only organic, doing yoga, meditating; and yet we don’t care about the air we breathe.

And clearly, that air is killing us now.

It’s time to wake up and take a deep breath of fresh air.