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Some would call a blog like this a scare tactic. And, truthfully, it is a bit scary. I know, I do the research and write the entries. But, the reason I do it is to keep you, the reader informed! If we don’t tell you, who will?

And even when I do bring up the effects of working in a bakery for years, people still choose to ignore the facts and carry on as they normally would. And that’s not right.

Resources like this blog are here to help you and keep you healthy. Taking in the information that’s already here is a first step.

Once you’ve educated yourself on what you’re really breathing everyday at work, it’s then up to you to make a change. You might not have the luxury of being the owner of your company or being high enough up the ladder to make major changes, but remember it only takes one to make a change. Educate those around you with the information here; make them aware of the dangers we breathe everyday and what needs to be done.

From the BP oil spill clean-up to the printer in your office; work environments are littered with volatile ambient air pollutants that could harm you.

If you have any questions regarding IAQ in your place of employment, or about occupational asthma or respiratory illnesses at work or in the workplace, please leave a comment or question here and we’ll be sure to get back to you with a well-researched and helpful answer.