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All this talk about improving IAQ (indoor air quality) at work makes you wonder: Can cleaner air really improve your productivity at the office?

People want quantitative facts and figures as proof, and that’s often a hard thing to come across when you’re dealing with increased (or decreased as the case may be) productivity due to cleaner, fresher air and better work environments. However, it has been done. In 2003 a study as conducted by Vivian Loftness that proved there was increased productivity in buildings with more natural light and natural ventilation (windows that could open). While the increases were lower, single-digit percentages, they were still increases and prove that the more natural our environment the more likely we are to work and be productive.

A well-known corporate sustainability strategist, Charles Lockwood, also found that when Toyota changed one of its office buildings to an LEED-certified structure that absenteeism dropped by 14%. Why would absenteeism drop? Well, cleaner air and less toxic materials off-gassing into your work environment means that you’re less likely to call in sick because of a headache, chest cold, allergies, or other illness associated with poor IAQ.

Another recent study has shown that poor IAQ leads to more employees suffering from SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) and taking sick days due to these symptoms (allergies, respiratory illness, asthma), and while this might not seem like a big deal an estimated $60 billion a year is spent in the USA alone for medical leave, sick days and absenteeism due to poor IAQ. That’s no small amount for something that can be easily solved with a proper air filtration and ventilation system.

IAQ affects your physical and mental health and can have a major influence on how you work on a day-to-day basis. Clean, fresh air free of ambient pollutants means a cleaner head and proper focus on the task at hand at work.

Business owners can increase their profits through employee productivity simply by providing cleaner, fresher air in the workplace with efficient air purification systems like ones from Electrocorp. Easily integrated into already existing HVAC systems, Electrocorp units can help boost your yearly revenue and keep your employees from getting sick and missing work.

Clean air isn’t just a necessity in everyday life, it’s a necessity of a successful business.