Most welders know they should protect themselves from the toxic fumes and gases produced in the welding process.

According to the Center to Protect Workers’ Rights, the hazards of welding depend on the

  • welding method,
  • welding rod,
  • filler metals and base metals,
  • paints and other coatings on the material and
  • ventilation.

Harmful weld fumes can be released by metals, coatings, residues and solvents.

Shielding gases like argon can displace the oxygen and be downright deadly, if they are allowed to accumulate around the indoor work station.

When it comes to choosing the right air purifier or fume extractor for welders, an industrial-strength activated carbon and HEPA filtration system has been proven to counteract harmful toxins and particles.

Electrocorp’s specially designed Fume Extractor Series features portable, powerful units that capture many toxic fumes at the source, directly at the work station.

They adsorb gases and chemicals in a deep bed of activated carbon, using 40 to 80 pounds of this efficient filtration media. The units are designed for TIG, MIG and arc welding operations and they feature a spark arrestor, flexible arm and optional custom carbon blends.

Electrocorp also offers air purifiers specifically designed for soldering applications, including a tabletop unit with an intake hood and a smoke particle filter as well as an activated charcoal filter.

Air purifiers by Electrocorp can easily be modified and converted to purify the air in any industrial and commercial environment where chemical and odor control is a main concern. Contact us today to speak to one of our air quality experts.