Workers who may encounter hazardous events such as fires, explosions and toxic chemicals benefit from hands-on safety training to avoid making deadly mistakes, researchers say.

According to an article published by ScienceDaily, psychologists have interpreted more than 40 years of data, including results from 113 safety training studies to see how training affected safe work behavior.

For the most dangerous jobs, interactive training sessions such as simulation, behavioral modeling and hands-on learning proved to be more effective than less engaging training methods, which included lectures, films, reading materials and videos.  The latter still remained valuable training tools for less dangerous jobs, however.

The study’s lead author Michael Burke, PhD, of Tulane University, said that more interactive training showed better results when it came to instilling the dread factor and teaching workers effectively about possible dangers and awareness.

In other words, interactive training is better suited to create a sense of dread in workers, make them realize the danger they could be in and let them proceed with care.


Reduce dangers with comprehensive safety measures

Activated charcoal

Activated carbon is the most adsorbent material to remove many chemicals, gases and odors.

For health and safety concerns in jobs that involve toxic chemicals, strong odors and other airborne pollutants, consider cleaning the air with the appropriate industrial-strength air purifiers and the most filtration media, along with other important safety measures.

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