SSU Series: Large-volume industrial air cleaning

In spacious areas where conventional air purifiers hardly make a difference, Electrocorp’s SSU (Square Scrubbing Unit) Series has emerged as an industry-leading system to remove airborne chemicals, gases, odors and particles quickly and effectively.

The custom-built, modular air filtration system can be constructed with up to three tiers. It is uniquely suited to remove pollutants from spacious, high-ceilinged indoor environments such as processing plants and warehouses since it can hang from the ceiling or stand on the ground.

Versatile air cleaner

Its versatility extends to the filtration media, as the SSU can be configured to draw the air through HEPA only, activated carbon only or a combination of the two.

With eight refillable cartridges, the SSU accommodates up to 576 lbs. of activated carbon, the safest and most effective filter media to adsorb chemicals, gases and odors. It moves a lot of air, with up to 5000 delivered CFM.

The SSU can be configured for three distinct functions:

  1. Scrub and circulate the entire air volume in a large space. The SSU draws contaminated air in through the sides of the unit and ejects clean air towards the ceiling.
  2. Scrub contaminated air via ducting. In this setup, the SSU draws in the contaminated air through ducts directly from the source pushes it through the filters and releases clean air through the sides of the unit.
  3. Scrub contaminated air and direct the clean air into another room via ducting. In this configuration, the SSU draws in air through the sides of the unit and releases purified air into another room through ducts.

The SSU is ideally suited for the food processing or chemical processing industry, printing and graphics, pharmaceuticals and any other applications where large rooms with high ceilings need to be cleaned of dust particles, chemicals and strong odors.

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