Companies need to protect workers and lab technicians from chemical exposure.

In yet another occupational health and safety lawsuit, a U.S. drug firm is under fire and has pleaded guilty to one of five safety charges in the death of a lab technician who was exposed to toxic chemical fumes at his work station at a Nova Scotia plant.

According to the article by the Canadian Press, the company entered a guilty plea today in provincial court to a charge under the provincial Occupational Health and Safety Act that it failed to ensure an adequate venting system was in place.

In an agreed statement of facts, the Crown lawyer said the lab worker’s lungs were gradually destroyed by the chemical.

He eventually suffocated in hospital 18 hours after exposure on Oct. 7, 2008 to vapors from trimethysilyl diazomethane.

The court dismissed charges the pharmaceutical company failed to ensure adequate personal protection equipment and failed to ensure that the employee was instructed in the safe use of the chemical.

Charges that the company had failed to instruct an employee in safe use of a substance in the company’s Windsor lab and failed to ensure that no person would disturb the scene of an accident were also dismissed.

Source: Canadian Press

Protect yourself when working with chemicals

For industries and laboratories that handle toxic chemicals, there is a constant threat of dangerous developments and near-accidents.

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Our systems are equipped with the safest filtration technologies such as deep beds of activated carbon and custom carbon blends to remove the widest range of airborne chemicals, gases, vapors, fumes and odors.

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