Not everyone smokes in casinos, but most establishments fail indoor air quality tests.

Casinos are notorious for taking gamblers’ money, but frequent gamblers and casino workers may have another thing to worry about – indoor air pollution.

A recent article in the Kansas City Star quoted health advocates from two area health organizations warning against unhealthy levels of indoor air pollution in five area casinos, especially on the floors where smoking is allowed.

In their study, the health organizations found that there’s enough smoke in the air to expose full-time casino employees to more particulate pollution than the Environmental Protection Agency’s limit for eight-hour work shifts.

Even though many cities have instituted a smoking ban in public places, bars and restaurants, casinos often receive exemptions to clean indoor air laws. That special treatment has put gaming establishments on the front lines in recent battles over whether to curb or extend legal restrictions on smoking.

Public battle, litigation over smoking laws

According to the article, casinos insist that their business relies disproportionately on smokers, while health advocates point to profitable casinos in states where smoking isn’t allowed.

Meanwhile, casino workers have sued employers over health problems, from asthma to cancer, allegedly caused by constant exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke.

As the study showed, it doesn’t take a lot of cigarettes to cause a lot of pollution. Indoor air quality was deemed as unhealthy, even though just under 17 percent of the people in the casinos’ smoking areas were actively smoking.

Health effects of smoke and particulate

Fine particulate pollution can come from cigarettes, auto tailpipes and even burgers on a grill.

The tiny particles work their way into the lungs, where they cause inflammation and aggravate asthma, emphysema and other respiratory diseases.

Particulates also are suspected of contributing to heart attacks.

Cigarette smoke also contains various carcinogenic chemicals, which can affect smokers and those breathing in secondhand smoke.

Source:  Kansas City Star

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