Indoor air pollution is a big concern for the residents.

A Scottish housing estate built on the site of a former munitions factory might harbor more than what residents have bargained for.

The residents claim that there are toxins 27 times beyond the international safety levels that have been found in tests in their homes.

Many of the residents have started suffering from health problems such as stomach problems, nausea and muscular pain, which only started after they moved there, they said.

The factory that used to operate on the site handled toxic metals, hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials in the 1940s.

Residents exposed to TCE and PCE, other chemicals

The residents claim that indoor testing of 25 homes had confirmed the presence of exceptionally high levels of the toxic solvents, including trichloroethylene (TCE) and tetrachloroethylene (PCE), among others.

Monridge Environmental LLC, the company brought in to carry out the tests, was said to believe the levels of these pollutants could not be attributed to the use of household products, a concern that was voiced by other authorities.

Des Collins, senior partner at Collins Solicitors, said: “TCE is a well-known and accepted carcinogen. The levels in four houses are hugely excessive and the findings of this latest report have potentially far-reaching and damaging consequences. Further, the evidence of other solvents being detected, very often at dangerous levels, gives real cause for concern.”

The council has been accused of ignoring 1995 recommendations for a remediation program to clean contaminated waste from the site before giving the green light to build more than 100 houses on it.


Portable carbon filters can remove harmful chemicals

Let’s recap: A factory that handled dangerous chemicals, no remediation program, a housing estate built on the site and budding health problems in residents – sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Air purifiers for the home and office can scrub the air.

It would take a very long time and a large budget to initiate a remediation program at this point, but residents can find some relief in the meantime with industrial-strength air cleaners that are equipped with highly adsorbent activated carbon and HEPA filtration.

Activated carbon can adsorb chemicals like trichloroethylene (TCE) and tetrachloroethylene (PCE), and a portable and versatile air filtration system provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for providing some relief.

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