Continuous improvement, collaboration and innovation is needed in the IAQ industry.

Good news for the makers of air cleaners like Electrocorp: The demand for cleaner air has helped the indoor air quality (IAQ) industry grow, according to an analysis by Frost + Sullivan as reported by Consulting-Specifying Engineer.

A growing number of employers, workers, facility managers and environmental consultants have become aware of the health concerns that arise from indoor air pollutants like tobacco, bacteria, mold, chemicals and other substances, which means that the industry benefits from an increased demand for air cleaners.

However, the report also warns that the industry needs to adapt and continue to make improvements to existing technology to remain sustainable and profitable.

The experts suggest that air filters are the best choice for providing cleaner air in indoor spaces, which includes filters in an HVAC system as well as portable air purifiers.

The report points out challenges such as high initial costs and lack of innovation because it is difficult for innovators to enter the market and compete with established companies and technologies.

A potential solution, according to the study, is for companies to work together on projects and work with universities and college students on improvements.

Electrocorp has always valued and supported continued research and development in order to provide the most efficient industrial air cleaners for applications such as

Electrocorp’s air cleaners remove airborne chemicals, vapors, fumes, heavy odors, particles, biological contaminants and other toxins by drawing the air through dense pre-filters, deep bed of activated carbon, HEPA and UV (optional).

The product line includes portable, stand-alone air cleaners or HVAC-compatible air purification systems.

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