Regular air ventilation systems may not be enough to provide clean air

People are spending so much time indoors – either at work or at home – that they have become more and more concerned about the substances and chemicals that may affect their health and well-being.

Big office complexes and small commercial spaces alike harbor a huge number of chemical toxins that can be inhaled or ingested.

Many of these indoor air chemicals have been linked to serious health conditions such as cancer, respiratory diseases, birth defects and chronic illnesses.

Whether you talk about Sick Building Syndrome or the dangers of poor indoor air quality, one factor remains the same – in order to protect workers and occupants of commercial and institutional buildings, facility managers must know about the dangers and face them head on.

Here are some tips for facility managers:

  • Make IAQ a priority in facility management: Poor IAQ does not only affect the health and well-being of workers, it can also affect productivity, absenteeism rates and morale
  • Educate yourself and other about the harmful effects of indoor air pollutants:
    VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
    – Green building constructions and renovations and safe materials
    Chemical products (such as harsh cleaning agents) and how to replace them with safer alternatives
  • Know the history of the building and the materials that were used: Materials that went into walls, insulation, ductwork and mechanical systems for decades might have contained chemical compounds that are now considered dangerous. As a result, many chemicals are in the DNA of buildings
  • Regularly check the ventilation system. In many older buildings, the ventilation system may not be enough to provide fresh air to occupants. Rather than undertaking costly renovations, an industrial air cleaner for offices and facility managementprovides a highly effective and versatile air cleaning solution

    RAP series air cleaners

    RAP Series: Industrial air cleaners that remove indoor air pollutants

Electrocorp offers portable as well as HVAC-compatible air cleaners for commercial and industrial applications, which remove a wide range of indoor air contaminants, including chemicals, odors, gases, fumes, particles, bacteria, viruses and mold mycotoxins and mold spores.

The units feature the most relevant filtration media, the largest adsorbent surface areas and the most customizable options in the industry.

The multistage filtration system in Electrocorp air cleaners contains

  • Granular activated carbon
  • HEPA
  • UV germicidal filtration (optional)
  • Pre-filters

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