Vapor intrusion can harm people's health.

When a hazardous waste sites are abandoned, they are often called Superfund sites.

“Superfund” is also the name of the fund established by the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980, which was meant to curb toxic waste dumps.

The fund helps with the remediation of such sites or helps to hold companies and individuals accountable.

The cleanup process of a Superfund site involves a variety of steps, including site assessment, placement on the National Priorities List and the implementation of an appropriate cleanup plan.

The actual process can take many years and is monitored with regular samplings that are taken.

The contamination on those sites can be in the ground, the groundwater and in the air in form of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Environmental consultants and authorities often have to deal with soil vapor intrusion near those sites, where VOCs and other toxins enter nearby buildings through cracks and tiny fissures in the foundation.

Contamination can occur in nearby homes as well as businesses.

Is there a Superfund site close to you?

If you want to find out if there is a remediation going on close to where you live, you can check out the official EPA Superfund website.

The website details all the steps that need to be taken to start an official assessment and remediation process in case you are concerned about a possible contamination in your area.

During the Risk Assessment stage, the investigator will examine the possible health risks of the toxins at the site. Each Superfund site is unique in terms of the contaminants present and their potential health effects. Therefore, EPA conducts risk assessments on a site-by- site basis.

Minimize vapor intrusion risks with portable air cleaners

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