Many lung problems can be blamed on air pollution, doctor says.

A worldwide study of lung functions in people from 17 different countries showed that India was the country with the unhealthiest lungs, according to an article in the Deccan Chronicle.

Dr Salim Yusuf, professor of medicine at McMaster University, conducted the year-long ground-breaking study.

His findings showed that the lungs of people in India are 30 percent less effective than those of Europeans, who had the healthiest lungs.

India’s growing problem of outdoor air pollution and deteriorating indoor air quality may be to blame, Yusuf explained.

The study’s results follows in the footsteps of other studies that have linked air pollution to respiratory disorders, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other health conditions.

The study was presented at the American Thoracic Society meet 2011 held at Denver and though the abstract admits that genes and nutrition patterns vary in different ethnic groups, for the first time a direct co-relation has been drawn between poor environment and declining lung capacity.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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