Fracking sites could mar landscapes and introduce harmful toxins.

The natural gas and hydraulic fracturing industry has been growing explosively in North America, but it has also given rise to a lot of environmental concerns and safety questions.

Now Canada and the oil industry are backing a move to make the industry more transparent, according to a recent article in the Globe and Mail.

The Canadian province British Columbia will be forcing oil companies to reveal the chemicals that are used in the hydraulic fracturing process (known as fracking), and there will be a public registry also detailing where the companies are operating, the premier announced.

The industry has been suffering from widespread public opposition after concerns about water contamination, airborne chemicals and illegal dumping of chemically-laced waste water spread.

Some states in the US have outright banned the drilling technique.

Fracking has been associated with airborne chemicals, VOCs and toxins such as benzene.

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