Soil vapor intrusion can affect a home's indoor air quality.

People living in Moraine, Ohio, could be inhaling toxic vapors left over from a General Motors plant, EPA warned after testing 60 homes.

It may not be safe to keep living in homes where they found a high level of toxic vapors, experts said in a public meeting at the end of August.

Pamela Barnett, a Cleanup Manager with Revitalizing Auto Communities Environmental Response Trust (RACER), described the chemicals as, “It’s solvents. Very similar to dry cleaning solvents”.

RACER is a company working with the EPA to clean up the site.

The chemicals in question are Tetrachloroenthylene (TCE) and Trichloroethylene (PCE). Long-term exposure to TCE and PCE has been linked to liver and kidney tumors and increased chances of developing leukemia and lymphoma.

The cleaning chemicals enter the homes through cracks and fissure sin the foundation and may be inhaled by the residents.

EPA is installing vapor intrusion mitigation systems that are designed to vent the fumes outside.


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