Health and safety program to be shut down at WSU

A Wayne State University program training scientists to recognize and monitor health and safety risks in the workplace and in the environment is set to be terminated due to financial cutbacks.

The Board of Governors voted Sept. 21 to shut down Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences program at the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, after the college was asked to cut 1.7 percent from its total budget.

The request came as part of university-wide budget restrictions, but the decision to shut down the program has divided staff members at the university.

Board members are hoping that parts of the program will be reinstated in another capacity, so that some occupational health programs would be a part of the public health department, for example.

Health and Safety at the workplace

Many occupations require stringent health and safety measures to protect workers, companies and clients – but even the “average office job” needs to provide a safe and healthy environment to increase productivity and minimize health risks.

Indoor air quality has become a main concern for workers.

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