A person's exhaled breath indicates exposure to toxic substances.

Scientists have developed a technology that uses a person’s exhaled breath to measure exposure levels to potentially harmful substances at work, at home or elsewhere.

Exhaled breath contains traces of potentially toxic substances that people may have inhaled, and this test offers a non-invasive and quick indicator, the scientists say, since research has shown that those amounts are an accurate reflection of the levels that exist in a person’s blood.

While previous equipment for analyzing substances in human breath had to be housed in laboratories, the devices have shrunk to hand-held size, they say, offering a possible solution for helping to limit human exposure and improve health.

Their report appears in Environmental Science & Technology by the American Chemical Society.

Health concerns linked to poor indoor air quality

Poor IAQ at work and at home has been linked to a wide range of health effects, including irritation of the eyes, nose and skin, nausea, dizziness, respiratory disease, and more serious health conditions.

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In many workplaces, the existing ventilation systems are unable to provide workers with enough air exchanges or good air quality.

Indoor air pollutants often come from building materials, furnishings, electronic equipment, large printers, personal care products, harsh cleaning products and industry-specific sources.

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