Poor IAQ at the workplace can be detrimental to workers and the company's bottom line.

Poor indoor air quality can have a profound effect on a company’s bottom line – and it’s time for management to step up and protect workers from indoor air pollutants, activists say.

A new initiative launched by the Campaign for Clean Air in London highlights the financial and health implications of poor IAQ and suggests solutions that can easily be implemented, according to an article online from Business Green.

One of the main recommendations is a high-quality filtration system, which can help remove up to 90 percent of indoor air contaminants for up to 90 percent of the time, the campaign founder says.

And while London’s air quality is known to be poor in general, the dangers of poor IAQ affect workers worldwide.

Studies have shown that poor indoor air quality, often caused by humidity issues and mold infestations, poor ventilation, off-gassing building materials, equipment and furniture as well as cleaning agents and scented products, can affect the health and productivity of employees and cost the company a lot of money.

Portable air cleaners a cost-effective and simple solution

A good air filtration system with activated carbon and HEPA filters will remove the widest range of indoor air pollutants from the ambient air.

RAP Series: Portable, powerful air cleaners.

Electrocorp has developed an extensive product line of industrial air cleaners for various commercial applications, which feature the powerful multi-stage filtration system and which can be customized according to a client’s IAQ concern, space, budget and other requirements.

The air cleaners are either portable, plug-and-go units with a small footprint, or they can be hung from the ceiling or wall or attached to existing ventilation and HVAC systems. The air cleaners are designed for around-the-clock operation to clean the air continuously, with low energy consumption.

Indoor air management is an important objective for companies – and the right air filtration system is key to improved air quality.

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