Underground welding operations produce dangerous fumes.

Welding creates harmful fumes that should be vented to protect workers – but what if a person works in a difficult-to-vent spot, like a subway station or any other kind of tunnel or underground structure?

Studies have shown that the levels of pollutants generally stay below established safety limits. Still, the toxins are there, and research is lacking in terms of health effects due to long-term exposure to these toxins.

At least two studies completed in Paris and Seoul have found that toxic pollutants like manganese and chromium can be present in the ambient air of underground transport systems and pose a health risk to workers who spend a lot of time there, according to an in-depth article published by Science Line.

The effects might also be felt by vulnerable populations (i.e. asthmatics, the elderly, children and older subway workers), and it is certainly a consideration for the thousands of workers who work underground every day, including those repairing equipment, driving the trains and welding the tracks.

A New York study found that the level of pollutants in subway stations could be 100 worse than the levels measured outside. One major contaminant is steel dust with tiny metal particles.

Steel welding also creates toxic fumes like hexavalent chromium, one of the most carcinogenic substances known to man.

Source: Science Line

Use portable fume extractors in underground welding operations


Welding fume extractors help remove dangerous toxins.

Electrocorp’s line of portable fume extractors removes the widest range of pollutants at the source with an industrial-strength activated carbon + HEPA filtration systemand flexible source capture arm.

They adsorb gases and chemicals in a deep bed of activated carbon, using 40 to 80 pounds of this efficient filtration media.

The HEPA filter and pre-filters remove 99.97% of dust particles at 0.3 microns.

The units are designed for TIG, MIG and arc welding operations and they feature a spark arrestor and custom carbon blends.

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