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Illegal marijuana grow-ops often lead to mold problems and structural damage.

Experts say new homeowners may be in for a rude awakening when it comes to houses that have been used as marijuana grow-ops.

That’s because cannabis production in residential homes is often linked to moisture problems and structural damage and may lead to mold infestations as well as electrical and chemical contamination, according to an indoor environmental consultant interviewed for the Chronicle Herald in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Remediation and reconstruction may be a costly expense for unsuspecting homeowners.

With hundreds of grow-op busts each year, there are often no rules or regulations requiring sellers to declare that the house was used for illegally growing cannabis.

In some jurisdictions in Canada, health authorities, municipal building inspectors and municipalities become involved and have recognized the problem as a serious public health issue.

Experts recommend having a home properly inspected before buying it and to hire professionals to deal with any mold problems, electrical and structural damage.

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