Researchers are trying to pinpoint the long-term effects of the chemicals in pool water and ambient air

The chemicals used in indoor swimming pools may affect people's health and well-being. Photo by Lee Coursey

For professional swimmers and lifeguards, the constant exposure to chemicals and odors in indoor swimming pools may lead to health problems down the road.

The chlorine used in the water and chloramines, which are formed when chlorine reacts with other contaminants give off strong odors, and previous studies have linked swimming in indoor pools with asthma and bronchitis in children.

Chlorine is such a common ingredient in pool water and tap water because it inactivates most disease-causing germs in seconds.

Chemical reacts with other contaminants

But each swimmer that delves into a pool is inadvertently adding contaminants to the water, including sweat, hair, urine, makeup, sunscreen and more.

When these pollutants react with the chlorine, they produce strong-smelling chloramines – an odor that regular indoor swimmers are familiar with.

Without a proper ventilation or filtration system, the volatile organic compounds tend to hang around and be inhaled by coaches, lifeguards, spectators and swimmers.

The answer, experts say, may lie in finding a better system for water disinfection. They also recommend better training and regular testing and maintenance to use the chemicals in proper amounts and to store them safely.

Swimmers themselves can minimize their contribution to the pollutants by taking a shower before entering the pool.

Source: CNN Health

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