Green office can provide better office temperature and air quality.

While workers’ productivity and satisfaction depend on a variety of factors, one important aspect is indoor air quality, experts say.

Green buildings that offer improved indoor air quality, lighting, thermal comfort, views and acoustics can have a positive effect on worker health and well-being, morale, comfort and productivity, a growing number of studies show.

Companies, in turn, can save money on sick leaves, absenteeism, replacement training, overtime pay, compensation and other costs.

A case study done by Sustainability Victoria and the Kador Group in 2005-2006, examining a green retrofit and the effects on the workers showed that there was:

  • A 44 percent reduction in the monthly average cost of sick leave
  • A 9 percent improvement in the average typing speed of secretaries and noticeable improvement in overall accuracy
  • Up to 20 percent reduced incidence of headaches among workers and improvements in colds and flu, sore eyes, fatigue and concentration issues
  • A 12 percent rise in self-reported productivity

According to a March 2010 British study of 10,000 property and construction professionals, more than half (55 percent) complained about the office temperature and 45 percent were unhappy with the ventilation or air quality.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Improve IAQ at the workplace

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