Police officers were not informed about asbestos and other risks in their homes and stations.

They are supposed to serve and protect, but police officers and their families in Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) state did not get the same courtesy.

They were kept in the dark about asbestos and other poisonous hazards in police stations and houses across NSW, an internal report revealed.

The Sydney Morning Herald published a detailed article about the internal investigation and events that led to the questionable actions by key personnel, which put officers and their families at risk.

They decided to bury hundreds of safety audits identifying threats in police houses and stations because they apparently did not have the funds to fix the 200+ properties.

The police officers should have been advised of the dangers of asbestos in their homes, sources say. Almost half the home and stations in the state are more than 40 years old and were built with asbestos-containing materials.

The officers’ requests to see the audit reports were repeatedly denied, until they were uncovered by the union a few months ago.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Effects of asbestos exposure

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