A functional health and safety program requires team work.

Putting a health and safety program in place and making sure to educate and oversee all workers has many benefits, especially for manufacturing companies and plants.

It’s often the fear of major disasters or leaks propelling businesses to action, but it can also improve employee morale and productivity.

A good health and safety program, especially for chemical manufacturers, should include (among other things):

  • A risk assessment process
  • Communication with workers and managers about risks and safety steps
  • Highly visible safety regulations (hearing protection, hand-washing, etc)
  • Personal protective equipment when needed
  • Regular maintenance of building envelope, equipment
  • Annual medical assessments when warranted
  • Responsible waste management
  • Etc.

Source: Business Day 

Industrial air cleaners improve indoor air quality

Poor indoor air quality at the workplace has been linked to a variety of pitfalls for businesses, including occupational illness, absenteeism, low productivity, high turnover, legal action and more.

In indoor environments where high levels of chemicals, gases, particles or dust may become a problem, an industrial-strength air cleaner with activated carbon + HEPA + UV can help.

Electrocorp has designed portable and powerful air cleaners for chemical processing plants, chemical and odor control, and many other commercial applications.

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