Health and Safety lawsuits can involve a lot of money, cases show.

Sometimes, fear can be a good thing.

Fear of court is a powerful motivator for employers to go above and beyond the necessary health and safety regulations, says a new UK report.

Researchers reviewed the regulations and approved codes of practice by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and how they are interpreted and applied.

It seems an employer’s fear of court is justified, as they are often encouraged to

  • Keep large numbers of paper records as evidence
  • Settle compensation claims if possible

Even if employers are doing everything “reasonably practicable”, they might lose a court case because of some strict regulations.

This type of compensation culture is widespread in the UK and in North America, where employees tend to seek financial compensation for perceived failings in occupational health and safety measures.

Source: Health Insurance & Protection

Indoor air quality is part of health and safety

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