The air quality in dental practices or dental labs can be poor.

It’s always heartening to hear about companies or professionals going the extra mile to protect their clients’ health and well-being.

In the case of a dental practice in New York State’s Fredonia, the doctors are collaborating with a Tobacco Free Program and banning smoking outdoors as well to improve the overall indoor air quality in the building and to model good behavior to youngsters.

Even in smoke-free buildings, secondhand smoke can remain a pollution factor when people are allowed to smoke outside the building.

The smoke often enters the building through windows, cracks, vents and doors and impacts the indoor air quality.

Tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemicals and toxins that have been linked to serious health conditions and, of course, cancer.

Since smoking represents a high risk for the development of oral cancer as well, the dentists plan to make their practice a healthier place.

Dental practices are not the only ones taking non-smoking efforts very seriously.

An article in the Observer estimated that at least 400 locations across NY State have joined the movement of tobacco free outdoor areas, including Times Square and Central Park in New York City.

Improve indoor air quality in dental labs

Tobacco smoke is not the only pollutants that dental labs and dental practices should be concerned about.

The I-6500 is a cabinet-style air cleaner for high efficiency air purification.

A dental environment has the potential to contain anesthetic gases, chemical fumes, dental materials and even pathogenic microorganisms aerosolized from the patient, dental staff and equipment they use.

Electrocorp has designed affordable, portable and highly efficient air cleaners for dental labs that can work around the clock to remove the widest range of indoor air pollutants.

The air cleaners feature a multistage filtration system with many pounds of activated carbon for the adsorption of gaseous pollutants and odors, a HEPA filter to trap particles and dust and optional UV germicidal filtration to help neutralize contaminants such as bacteria, viruses and mold.

Dental clinics can easily improve their indoor air with air cleaners such as the RAP Series, the AirMedic+ Series or the I-6500 Series.

For more information and options, please contact an Electrocorp representative.