Most hair salons use chemical-laden products that can affect workers and clients.

Organic products are popular when it comes to food, baby products or clothing – but a lot of hairdressers and salons are also catching on.

Some hair salons are focusing on offering only organic products and treatments, while others are looking to minimize the exposure to toxic chemicals conventional products may contain.

Concerned with chemicals and fumes, some salon owners in New York State have switched to all organic hair and skin products, including shampoo, hair dye, nail polish remover and more.

In the process, they have to be less concerned about chemicals such as acetone, formaldehyde, ammonia and others that are commonly found in hair and nail products.

Indoor air quality in salons has become a major topic after OSHA released a health hazard warning about formaldehyde early last year.

The ventilation system in many salons is simply not strong enough to provide workers and clients with healthy and fresh air.

Perm and hair straightening treatments are typically the biggest odor culprits in salons, and many salon owners and operators are opting for a source capture air cleaner for added protection from released chemicals and fumes.

Capture chemicals and odors with air cleaners for salons and spas

As an expert in treating industrial strength chemicals and odors, Electrocorp has designed air cleaners specifically for spas and salons.

The air filtration systems feature proprietary blends of activated carbon filter media that can adsorb chemicals and odors commonly found in the beauty industry.

As complete air filter solutions, the units also contain medical-grade HEPA or micro-HEPA filters to remove 99.97% of all airborne particles at 0.3 microns.

Along with easy-to-use source capture units, Electrocorp also offers customizable and built-in air filtration systems to meet your needs.

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