Gas wells leak up to 4% of methane gas.

A new study is raising concerns about the air quality near natural gas wells and their impact on the climate.

The study shows that wells in Colorado have leaked about twice as much gas into the atmosphere as previously thought.

Natural gas is mostly made of methane and while it gives off less carbon dioxide than coal when burned, methane in the atmosphere is a strong contributor to global warming and can have a big impact on the climate.

The study appeared in the Journal of Geophysical Research.

The researchers measured the air quality near Denver using a 300-meter tower, in an area where more than 20,000 gas wells are being used.

While some of the methane detected by the sensors can come from landfills, cattle feedlots and waste-water treatment sites, the researchers could identify methane from gas wells by other components that accompanied the readings.

The study finds that about 4 percent of the methane in gas wells was leaking.

The researchers previously found that higher-than-expected levels of methane were being released from wells used in the hydraulic fracturing process.

Middle class schools closest to gas wells: Study

In a separate study in Texas, researchers found that socially vulnerable areas tend to have more gas wells near schools, meaning some communities could be burdened more with health or social costs.

In fact, the study shows that middle class neighborhoods (not rich or poor ones) had most gas wells near elementary schools.

The researchers looked at proximity because there is a lack of other studies on health effects or pollution when it comes to the effect of shale gas production on communities, they said.

They focused on children because they are such a vulnerable group, they added.

Sources: Science News, Denton Record-Chronicle

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