Welders can be exposed to toxic fumes - but manganese can affect the public as well

In a new study, Penn State College of Medicine researchers try to understand the effects of metal manganese on brain functions.

They aim to expand on the insights of a previous, smaller scale study, which looked at welders specifically, since they are often exposed to manganese in the welding fumes.

But the general population should also be aware of manganese and its effects, the researchers say, since we may all be exposed to the toxin through gasoline additives and the burning of fossil fuels.

According to research, very low concentrations of manganese are essential for life, but high levels of exposure quickly become toxic for humans.

In the previous study on welders, the researchers found a link between exposures to manganese-containing welding fumes and decreased motor performance.

Technical advances make it easier for the researchers to study the effects of manganese exposure in the brain, so they are hoping to see how manganese affects the general population.

The study has received funding from the National Institute of Environmental Sciences.

Source: Gettysburg Times

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