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Too many perfumes and scented products can be irritating to shoppers.

Most stores and business owners want potential customers to spend as much time as possible in the mall, to increase the chance of them finding something they would want to buy.

But if there is a problem with the air quality, the shopping experience may have to be cut short.

In a recent incident at the Orlando Fashion Square mall, officials blamed too much perfume as a cause of irritating fumes that affected at least 20 people.

The victims were browsing at a Macy’s store when they started complaining of eye and throat irritation.

Police officers and firefighters and a hazmat team were dispatched to the scene to determine the source of the fumes.

All of the affected shoppers said they felt better once they were outside and away from the perfume scents.

The hazmat team checked for a variety of substances, but could not detect anything dangerous. The investigation was ongoing at the time of writing.

Source: Wesh

Air cleaners for malls, stores and businesses

With more and more people experiencing allergic-type reactions to strong scents and odors, business owners must be vigilant about the indoor air quality in their stores.

A mall’s built-in ventilation system may not be enough to dilute the pollutants found indoors, but a portable air cleaner with the right filters will provide cleaner and healthier air at all times.

Electrocorp has designed powerful air cleaners for commercial and industrial applications that feature a highly efficient activated carbon + HEPA filter combination to remove the widest range of pollutants from the ambient air.

The carbon removes airborne chemicals, gases, odors and fumes, while the HEPA helps control particulate matter. Optional UV germicidal filtration can also help neutralize biological contaminants such as bacteria, viruses and mold.

Contact Electrocorp for more information and more options.


Gone are the days that flat roofs need to be black tar – now they can be white, green, blue and solar-panel black.

On the green roof of the Mountain Equipment Co...

On the green roof of the Mountain Equipment Co-op store in Toronto, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These different kinds of green roofs help solve serious environmental concerns, including air pollution, urban heat spots, storm water runoff and more.

Turning roofs into gardens or painting them white helps them to have much lower surface temperatures. A city’s average temperature is often much higher than in the surrounding suburbs (where more green spaces and trees provide more shade).

Green roofs can retain 75 percent of a one-inch rainfall and use the moisture to cool down.

The idea of green roofs is not new, but it has become a more popular choice in the past 50 years or so, especially in Europe, where Germany’s green roofs top the list (10 percent of roofs in Germany are considered green).

Costs of green roofs

Greening a roof requires some work and money and a lot of different materials: Insulation, waterproof membranes, barriers to control roots, drainage layers (gravel or clay), mats for erosion prevention, lightweight soil and plants.

Depending on the types of plants and maintenance work involves, a green roof can cost $15 to $30 per square foot.

But factoring in air conditioning and heating costs all year round, the expense may well be worth it.

Researchers from Columbia University and City University of New York found that a green roof can cut the rate of heat gained through the roof in summer by 84 percent, and the rate of heat lost through the roof in winter by 34 percent.

English: Chicago City Hall Green Roof

English: Chicago City Hall Green Roof (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reducing the storm runoff water can help curb sewer overflows and improve public health.

Green roofs can also help reduce air pollution in the city. One square meter can absorb all the emissions from a car being driven 12,000 miles a year, experts say.

Source: New York Times

Air cleaners for healthier buildings

Greener roofs may help with reducing air pollution, but until they become mainstream, many workers and city dwellers will be exposed to the harmful fumes, gases and particulate matter polluting the city.

Electrocorp has designed air cleaners for facility management, offices and other applications.

The portable or HVAC-compatible air cleaners feature a complete air filtration system with activated carbon and HEPA plus optional UV germicidal filtration to remove the widest range of indoor air pollutants.

The air filters can capture airborne chemicals, gases, fumes, odors, particles, dust, bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold and more.

For more information, contact Electrocorp today.

Paint can emit harmful fumes.

Exposure to chemical fumes is no laughing matter, as a recent evacuation of hundreds of workers at a company in Santa Monica shows.

Just before 8 a.m. on Friday morning, about 20 gallons of industrial-strength paint were spilled at C&D Zodiac Inc., causing one woman to be sent to the hospital for treatment of nausea.

There was a mandatory evacuation of the building affecting 800 employees, while hazardous material response crews were cleaning up.

The spill occurred after some shelves collapsed and dropped water-based paint cans to the floor.

Some of the cans were punctured in the process and spilled the paint, which is used to coat aircraft interiors (such as overhead baggage bins).

While the paint did not pose a big fire risk, the fumes were a major concern and made several employees feel ill.

Source: Santa Maria Times

Air cleaners for airborne fumes and chemicals

In any company that regularly uses paint, solvents and other chemical substances, the air can be rife with potentially hazardous toxins.

Even at low levels, healthcare professionals are warning about the accumulative effects these exposures may have on workers over longer periods of time.

Along with other health and safety measures, an industrial-strength air cleaner with activated carbon and HEPA can help provide cleaner and healthier air.

Electrocorp has designed air cleaners for chemical processing plants as well as many other commercial and industrial applications that feature some of the largest and longest-lasting air filters in the industry.

With their deep-bed activated carbon filters, HEPA filters and optional UV germicidal filtration, the air cleaners can remove airborne chemicals, fumes, odors and gases, particles, dust, bacteria, viruses, mold and more.

Contact Electrocorp for more information.

All year round, indoor air pollution may affect building occupants, experts say.

All year round, a home or building’s indoor air quality may be compromised by a wide range of pollutants.

In the summer, the main culprits may be pollen, dust and smoke particles and chemicals.

A good ventilation system will regularly exchange stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air.

Building occupants can further improve indoor air quality by curbing certain habits or products such as smoking indoors, storing hazardous products indoors, paints and furnishings that release VOCs and more.

Still, a ventilation system may be unable to cope with the onslaught of particulate matter, odors and chemicals that can affect people’s health and well-being over time.

That is when an air filtration system becomes a valuable ally.

Some of the factors influencing a decision on air filtration are:

  • Size of the space
  • Air tightness
  • Existing ventilation system
  • A person’s sensitivity to pollutants
  • The level of pollutants

Many commonly used filtration systems target only particulate matter but won’t be effective when it comes to chemicals, gases and odors.

A stand-alone air purifier is one of the simplest and most effective solutions. They can be moved at will and simply plug into an outlet for instant air cleaning.

A stand-alone air cleaner with activated carbon and HEPA provides the most complete protection by targeting not only particles but also gaseous pollutants. They are typically used in the room or area where people spend most of their time (i.e. bedroom or living areas).

A whole-home system connected to the duct work is a good option for those suffering from allergies and respiratory problems.

Source: Fairbanks Daily News

Air cleaners for homes, buildings and commercial applications

In large buildings or single-family homes, a portable or HVAC-attached air cleaner can make a big difference in the overall air quality.

Electrocorp has designed powerful air cleaners with a deep-bed activated carbon filter, a HEPA filter and optional UV germicidal filtration to provide a complete air filtration system for any setting.

Whether it’s during construction, for facility management or other commercial and industrial uses, Electrocorp’s IAQ specialists will help determine the right air quality solution for the space in question.

Contact Electrocorp for more information and options.

Banning smoking in public spaces changed workers’ habits: Study

A commonly enforced ban for smoking in public spaces has led to a progressive reduction in the percentage of smokers.

According to a Spanish study, 5 percent of workers gave up smoking when the law took effect, and the overall numbers were reduced from 40.3% to 35.3% of smoking workers.

Men and women of all ages and occupations quit smoking after the ban.

The study examined the consumption of tobacco in the working population during the first months of a smoking ban that forbade smoking in all public spaces, including bars and restaurants.

The study involved 413,473 workers of all ages and occupations and followed their smoking habits for two years ending in June 2011.

The study’s findings were published in the journal Revista Española de Salud Pública.

The study authors found that even amongst workers who continued to smoke, there was a decrease in the amount of tobacco consumed.

The researchers argue that the study proves the health benefits of regulatory and fiscal policies when it comes to smoking.

Source: FECYT – Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology

Provide better indoor air quality at the workplace

Bars and restaurants that previously allowed smoking may suffer from lingering odors and irritants that can spoil a customer’s experience.

Ceiling Mounted Air Purifier

The 9400 CM is mounted to the ceiling to remove smoke particles and chemicals.

These tobacco-smoke related toxins can remain on surfaces, in nooks and crannies for a long time and be slowly released into the ambient air.

Air freshening products do not provide a satisfactory solution because they can be irritants in themselves and they only cover up existing smells while contributing to indoor air pollution.

A better way to deal with lingering smoke odors is ventilation and air cleaning. The ventilation system itself may not be enough to handle the odors, but an air cleaner with many pounds of activated carbon and HEPA filters can help provide cleaner and healthier air.

Electrocorp has designed air cleaners for the hospitality industry that provide some of the largest adsorbent surface areas and longest-lasting filters in the industry.

Electrocorp also offers air cleaners for other commercial and industrial applications, helping workers in various industries to breathe cleaner air.

For more information and options, contact Electrocorp today!

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