Poor indoor air quality can affect workers’ health and productivity, studies show.

The indoor air in offices and other types of workplaces has long become a major concern to health officials – it exposes employees to many different pollutants and toxins that can affect health and well-being as well as working performance.

Indoor air pollution can come from

  • Office equipment (e.g. printers)
  • Building materials (paint, finishes, stain repellents)
  • Personal care products and air fresheners
  • Cleaning products
  • Poor ventilation
  • Poor air exchange
  • Water damage (mold) or other indoor air quality problems

When a workplace exposes employees to poor indoor air quality, common complaints include headaches, sneezing, discomfort, lower productivity, respiratory conditions and other ailments.

Studies have confirmed that a healthier indoor environment can increase productivity and benefit a company’s bottom line.

There are certain things every workplace can do to provide a cleaner and healthier indoor environment:

  1. Ban smoking indoors and close to the building
  2. Make sure garbage is regularly and properly disposed of
  3. Act quickly to fix water leaks and spills to avoid active mold growth
  4. Use an air purifier – the best air purifiers contain activated carbon, HEPA and UV filtration technologies to remove the widest range of contaminants
  5. Avoid clutter in the workplace for best circulation of air
  6. Make sure fresh air can get inside the building
  7. Get professional help if there is a serious indoor air quality problem

Source: Wamda

Air cleaners with carbon and HEPA filters

Air cleaners and air purifiers are invaluable tools when it comes to improving the air quality at the workplace.

Electrocorp specializes in air filtration systems for industrial and commercial applications and has developed portable as well as HVAC-compatible or wall-mountable air cleaners for the office, office printers, and air purifiers for facility management.

The air cleaners feature a large activated carbon filter for gaseous pollutants and odors, a HEPA filter for particles and optional UV germicidal filtration for pathogens.

Electrocorp also works with environmental consultants and other experts to solve indoor air quality concerns in all types of environments.

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