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Electrocorp's RAP Series: Powerful air cleaners

Electrocorp’s Radial Air Purifiers (RAP) series features some of the most versatile and effective air cleaners in the company’s diverse lineup of industrial-strength air purifiers.

The RAPs are available in different sizes, from 23.5” height x 12” diameter up to 62” height and 22” diameter. They feature a deep-bed activated carbon filter for the removal of chemicals, gases and odors as well as an electrostatic particle filter.

The powerful micro-HEPA + carbon combination gives these air cleaners an extensive adsorbent area, allowing them to capture odor-causing pollutants more efficiently than other units.

The RAP air cleaners can accommodate 15 to 120 pound activated carbon filters and can be customized even more with regards to the filter media and carbon blends.

Around-the-clock air cleaning

The RAP units are portable, free-standing, plug-and-go air purifiers with a round design for maximum efficiency.  They are engineered for around-the-clock operation with a quiet, modern design.

The main body of the air purifier is covered by metal mesh housing, combining a large-volume air intake with robust and protective features.

The overall design and capabilities of the RAP Series makes these units the best choice for clients who need fast and effective chemical and odor relief and who are concerned about biological contaminants such as mold spores, bacteria and viruses, since the RAPs can also be equipped with a UV light.

Recommended industries for the RAP air filters:

Electrocorp is a leader in the research and development of complete and reliable air quality management solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

Our air filtration systems feature the most filtration media on the market for the most reasonable prices. For more information, visit or call 1.888.667.0297.

Find out more about Electrocorp’s air filtration systems:


Air Rhino: Powerful particle filtration and/or chemical, gas and odor removal.

Electrocorp’s Air Rhino is the most versatile air filtration system of its kind, with a small ecological footprint.

This innovative machine has interchangeable carbon and HEPA filters, so it can easily convert from a rugged chemical, gas and odor scrubber to a powerful particulate air cleaner right on site.

The Air Rhino is capable of creating a negative air environment, and it is equipped with an industrious deep-bed carbon filter and extended filter depth, which leads to a longer dwell time for contaminated air and allows for quicker and more thorough adsorption of gaseous pollutants.

The Air Rhino also features an advanced medical-grade HEPA filter to trap 99.97% of particles, and can accommodate an ultraviolet light to remove bacteria and other airborne pathogens.

The operator-friendly air purification system comes with particle pre-filters to prevent clogging as well as a pressure switch that tells you when the filters are saturated.

The meticulous air scrubber can be used in stationary applications for long-term air cleaning, or on job sites for remediation projects and environmental clean-ups. As well, it can be used as a portable, stand-alone unit, or it can be attached to the ceiling.

It is a great air filtration system for heavy-dust environments, industrial odor control, construction and restoration, mold and asbestos remediation sites, auto body shops and garages, manufacturing plants and warehouses, among other applications.

According to Electrocorp’s IAQ specialist Gershon Katz, “The Air Rhino is the only portable air cleaner that can hold a 100-pound carbon filter, a HEPA filter, particle pre-filters and an ultraviolet light to kill bacteria.  The Air Rhino knows how to handle air quality issues — it gets the job done.”

Contact us for more information and follow us on Twitter. For technical specifications, please select the Air Rhino Series on the Electrocorp website.

SSU Series: Large-volume industrial air cleaning

In spacious areas where conventional air purifiers hardly make a difference, Electrocorp’s SSU (Square Scrubbing Unit) Series has emerged as an industry-leading system to remove airborne chemicals, gases, odors and particles quickly and effectively.

The custom-built, modular air filtration system can be constructed with up to three tiers. It is uniquely suited to remove pollutants from spacious, high-ceilinged indoor environments such as processing plants and warehouses since it can hang from the ceiling or stand on the ground.

Versatile air cleaner

Its versatility extends to the filtration media, as the SSU can be configured to draw the air through HEPA only, activated carbon only or a combination of the two.

With eight refillable cartridges, the SSU accommodates up to 576 lbs. of activated carbon, the safest and most effective filter media to adsorb chemicals, gases and odors. It moves a lot of air, with up to 5000 delivered CFM.

The SSU can be configured for three distinct functions:

  1. Scrub and circulate the entire air volume in a large space. The SSU draws contaminated air in through the sides of the unit and ejects clean air towards the ceiling.
  2. Scrub contaminated air via ducting. In this setup, the SSU draws in the contaminated air through ducts directly from the source pushes it through the filters and releases clean air through the sides of the unit.
  3. Scrub contaminated air and direct the clean air into another room via ducting. In this configuration, the SSU draws in air through the sides of the unit and releases purified air into another room through ducts.

The SSU is ideally suited for the food processing or chemical processing industry, printing and graphics, pharmaceuticals and any other applications where large rooms with high ceilings need to be cleaned of dust particles, chemicals and strong odors.

Contact Electrocorp to find out more and get a customized solution to help solve your specific IAQ problem.

Cannabis drug

Marijuana attracts the Aspergillus mold.

Law enforcement officers have a dangerous job – even when their primary responsibility is to guard the property evidence and storage rooms. One of the biggest hazards they face is mold, and more specifically, the Aspergillus fungus.

Aspergillus grows on any biological item, but it really likes marijuana and it doesn’t need much moisture to prosper and grow. When marijuana is stored in plastic, even minute amounts of moisture that is held by the plastic can support the growth of Aspergillus.

Aspergillus can affect law enforcement officers’ health

The problem is that even perfectly dried marijuana plants still contain 10-15% water. When property evidence officers handle the decaying material, they can be exposed to mold spores that enter the human body through the ears and nose. Reported health effects are stuffiness, a feeling of being unwell, coughing, wheezing and lung damage.

Another issue with plastic is the destruction of evidence. When officers use plastic to hold evidence, the retained moisture can cause it to mold, corrode or rust, and plastic is often blamed for destroying latent fingerprints. Some law enforcement officers ask that plastic is only used for drug-related items, except marijuana, and jewelry.

To stave off mold infestations, evidence storage rooms need to

  • Install adequate ventilation systems and make regular filter replacements
  • Implement an improved storage system: Don’t store copious amounts of marijuana, especially after a case has been adjudicated. Document and photograph excessive amounts of marijuana, and only keep samples. The samples must be cleaned and sealed appropriately
  • Ensure good housekeeping procedures: discard all materials that are visibly affected by fungi, clean all surfaces and disinfect the area, supply workers with protective equipment
  • Recognize the hazards and the best ways to deal with them
  • Look into other air cleaning methods to protect law enforcement officers. Electrocorp’s industrial air purifiers, including the RAP and RSU series are powerful air scrubbers that can help provide better air in storage rooms

    RAP series air cleaners

    The RAP Series air filtration systems can be equipped with a UV lamp for extra protection against mold spores.

  • Consider each case individually for marijuana storage. Burlap or paper bags let the moisture escape, but they also won’t hold off mold spores. Impermeable bags made out of plastics can cause the contents to turn into a mushy soup of questionable evidential value. The best choice is dependent on the amount of time it is stored, the quality of the material and the existing situation in the evidence room.

Electrocorp offers a variety of stand-alone, industrial-strength air purification systems for law enforcement that address not only live airborne bacteria and fungi, but also provide superior particle and chemical filtration capabilities.

An Electrocorp air purifier provides better, cleaner and more breathable air with activated carbon + HEPA filtration. Find out more about the RAP series from Electrocorp.

Sources: Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, International Association of Property and Evidence.

Air purifier I-6500

The I-6500 Series includes powerful air cleaning models.

In industrial or commercial settings where biological contaminants, odors and particles are the main concern, the I-6500 has become one of Electrocorp’s most sought-after units.

With its sleek, cabinet-style design and small footprint, this powerful air cleaner is as tall as it is effective. The all-metal unit takes in dirty air on the bottom and pushes it through a multi-stage filtration system before it releases the purified air on top, allowing for large-volume airflow and circulation.

The I-6500 series features the most activated carbon for chemical, gas and odor control in its price class and can accommodate 80 pounds or up to 160 pounds of this highly adsorbent filtration media.  A wide range of carbon blends helps to mitigate almost any chemical, gas and odor problem.


Cleaner air with Carbon + HEPA filter combination

These versatile air cleaners also remove particles from the ambient air with an ultra-efficient HEPA filter as well as particle-trapping pre-filters, which prolong the life of the other filters. A pressure gauge facilitates the monitoring of the filters and indicates when a change is required. It is possible to add UV light technology to help neutralize any biological contaminants such as mold spores, bacteria and viruses.

The filter compartment of the I-6500 Series is easily accessible through a hinged door that is secured with latches. No tools are required. A second, similar door provides access to the motor compartment. The motor can run on two speeds at 750 CFM (cubic feet per minute) up to 1000 CFM (and in customized units up to 1500 CFM). We recommend running it at the lowest speed, which is the most effective for activated carbon.

The I-6500 air purifiers function as stand-alone, plug-and-go units that can be moved at will on their wheels, or they can be attached to an existing HVAC system in small to medium-sized buildings.  The I-6500 complies with national and international standards and is CSA-certified.


Industries that benefit from I-6500 Series:

Contact Electrocorp to find out more and to customize the unit to help solve your specific indoor air quality problem.

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